Realize your wish for social action

Make friends through
common values

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Talking about everyday life is good; sharing with yours friends a COMMON PROJECT that can enrich yours lives is better!

Achieve your target

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You want to fulfil a desire for social action that could change your life while empowering others?
There is a whole team of mentors and consultants waiting to help you! 

Create, offer, find, jobs

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OLBIOS Community is designed to multiply all kinds of jobs and collaborations with positive social impact – in sectors which already employ millions: green jobs, associations or NGO careers, Foundations or impact investment opportunities, B Corporations & Social Enterprises offers etc.

Enter social action
step by step

who will help you?

Millions of us have already thought of doing something to improve our community or our country but we hesitate, not knowing where to begin. Trust our OLBIOS Guides to accompany your search, according to your skills and time.

Create professional
contacts for a purpose

discover how

How about using your hundreds of professional contacts in order to create direct social value through them? 

Find volunteers for
your cause


… become a volunteer yourself for an initiative that you find meaningful! 

Travel in a new way

how do you meet the most interesting locals?

You have spent energy, money and time to visit a country. Now meet common-minded Members of our Community, learn the country through them, help them with their projects! 

Be respected
and protected

isn’t it time for a quality-only social network?

We believe that a lot of people would like to use social network media but wish to avoid the superficiality that they often entail and opt for more creative, or socially conscious options. In OLBIOS Community such an approach will be exclusively promoted while inappropriate/ hostile activity will be excluded.

Have a home in every

sounds too good to be true?

OLBIOS Community members are encouraged to receive/accept the hospitality from other members in their respective cities, according to their possibilities. It is excellent to be hosted by someone you know before hand you share values with! 

We will shortly submit this idea to you through a crowd funding campaign – starting in 100 days from now. Until then, it is YOUR proposals that will shape the OLBIOS Community!